Glenn Parada

Glenn Parada (25 April) is a Salvadorean born now naturalized U.S. citizen political advocate and businessman who is currently the Political Director for the State of Florida for the Republican National Hispanic Assembly since 18 January 2020. 

Glenn Parada


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Parada was born on 25 April 1981 in El Salvador, San Salvador. His Father, Ricardo, is an Evangelical Minister who was the first evangelical Missionary from El Salvador to Belize from the Assemblies of God under the leadership of Pastor Juan Bueno; and his mother Ruth Quijano is from Salvadorean - Spaniard ancestry. 


According to AP News He was born during the “black years” of the civil war in El Salvador. During the Ronald Reagan Immigration reform act his father was able to bring his family into America with a Visa and later obtained Green Cards. His father continued his evangelical ministry while supporting his family with his bakery business in were Parada worked in since he was in his early teens. 


Parada moved around a lot living from New Jersey, Washington D.C., Maryland, and now Florida. He attended multiple schools as he moved around, he graduated from High school in Philadelphia, New York from Indian River Central High School. 


Parada has held a number of jobs as a waiter, mall security, church custodian and baker. He has two brothers and two sisters. He was the first to serve in the military from his immediate family which has grew into a military family now with four U.S. Marines from a younger brother to nephews. 


Proudly served in the United States Army as an Armored Tank Crew Member (19k). 

Parada Enterprises



Is a private film production in the United States based out of South Florida. Engaged in the organization, technological , promotion, distribution and funding of a film production. 

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Is an investment firm in the United States based out of South Florida. Engaged in private investments in local, national and international ventures. 



Is a private independent gas and oil company in the United States operating in South Florida. Engaged in the consulting, contracting, exploration and production of refineries , crude oil and gas. 



Is a Mortgage Company in the United States operating in all 50 states based out of Florida currently attached to a major lender. Engaged in the origination of Mortgages. 


Per Business Insider after his military service his brother Jose introduced him to the mortgage industry during the height of the Sub Prime era in 2004. Working out of a company in Rockville, Md, Empire Financial; he worked with his brother learning the ins and outs of the industry. In 2009 the market crashed, and the Subprime mortgage crisis caught up to Parada, he lost everything he had built up and was forced to restart from zero.   

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In 2010 Parada went from starting to work for Bank of America as a Mortgage pre-underwriter in New York City, NY and, as a Stockbroker for John Thomas Financial in the financial district of New York City on Wall Street; both failed due to the economic hardships and massive layoffs during the Subprime Mortgage Crisis. Parada during this time would go to Times Square and walk up to Central Park and all-over Mid town Manhattan looking for work in a suit. He made friends with the street vendors that would sometimes give him food for free and he even tried to sell comedy tickets on the streets to make money. 


According to Yahoo Finance in 2012 Parada got fully back into the mortgage industry as a Vice President of Corporate training for a private mortgage company in Parsippany, NJ. 


Parada was working his way towards gaining more mortgage experience in the management sector of mortgages. It was in 2016 when he started Parada Mortgage, focusing on an audience he is familiar with of veterans, Hispanic and church communities. Operating as a DBA (doing business as) under lenders he would recruit and originate mortgages. Parada was a Branch Manager for mortgage companies in which he focused on the northeastern regions mostly in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. These ventures came with failures and setbacks in the mortgage industry yet with some successful yearly quarters. Parada used these problems as experiences that helped him cultivate his skills in mortgages and management. It was then that in the first quarter of 2019 he set off to officially go independent with Parada Mortgage. .  


In 2020 per Bloomberg Parada Mortgage headquarters was opened in Florida in Palm Beach on “Billionaires Highway” South Ocean Blvd and he is the first Hispanic and veteran owned mortgage company on the island. He currently has veterans and active military mortgage loan officers in New Jersey and Texas and is currently going through an expansion phase. Per Forbes Parada Mortgage started with a $20,000,000 (Twenty million) annual business volume from transition from New Jersey to Florida.  


Parada Mortgage has been featured in multiple articles from Disrupt Magazine, USA Today, MarketWatch and internationally in Chile, Mexico and El Salvador.  


Per Forbes Parada is CEO and founder of Parada Mortgage, currently he operates in South Florida from Palm Beach to Miami. He is expecting to expand in Texas and California by the end of 2020.  



Glenn Parada was born in San Salvador, El Salvador during the country’s civil war against Communism better known as the “Black years of the war” in the early 1980’s. Due to the hardships and extreme violence of the war his father (an evangelical minister for the Assemblies of God) was able to obtain legal entry to the United States in response and, direct result of the Ronald Regan administration in the mid-1980s.


Flying in from a war-ridden country into New York City, New York, Glenn Parada and his family moved to New Jersey to start anew in hopes of achieving the American Dream.

From a very early age, Mr. Parada was involved in sales working as a baker and in sales in his father’s Bakery business in the metropolitan area. He was also involved in community outreach events and awareness programs through Christian churches since elementary school to present.

After graduating High School from Up-State New York he joined the United States Army as an Armored Tank Crew-member and served as OPFOR in Hohenfels, Germany. After his military service, he got into the Mortgage Industry and has since built his experience within politics, business, churches, and finance.


Glenn Parada has multiple business firms from a mortgage business to Movie Production and is currently growing his businesses within the New Jersey, South Florida and Central America area through business partnerships and governments. 

Parada has helped other entrepreneurs start and build their business by consulting them on how to run a business and the importance of driven dedication for success 


Glenn Parada


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