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"No one runs away from a Capitalist, Conservative and free market country. They leave in despair from socialist and communist governments with Dictators. The bell of freedom is not rung in countries where GOD is not put first. "

Glenn Parada 

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Born                    Glenn Timothy Parada Quijano 

                             April 25, 1981 (age 40) 

                             San Salvador, El Salvador 


Education           Rutgers University – Political Science 

                            Brookdale Community College – Associates


Occupation         Politician, Businessman  

Years Active       2003 – Present 


Organization     Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Florida,

                           Parada Mortgage LLC


Political Party   Republican (1999 – Present) 

Other Political   Estamos Unidos por la Patria (2022 – Present)




Allegiance         United States 


Service/             United States Army



Unit                     1st Battalion (OPFOR), 4th Infantry Regiment


MOS                    M1 Armor Crewman (19k)


Operation           Enduring Freedom (OEF) 



Parada 2020 in Mar-a-largo, Palm Beach, FL 


Parada was born on 25 April 1981 in El Salvador, San Salvador during the Salvadorean civil war. His Father, Ricardo, is a Salvadorean Evangelical Minister who was the first evangelical Missionary from El Salvador to Belize from the Assemblies of God under the leadership of Pastor Juan Bueno; and his mother Ruth is also from El Salvador. Parada is the youngest of two siblings Jose Isaac and Samaria and the oldest of two other siblings David and Estefany. Parada’s family comes from a long line of Salvadorean bakers since 1935. 


During the Ronald Reagan Immigration reform act his father was able to bring his family into The United States with an amnesty visa and later obtained residential green cards for his family. His father continued his evangelical ministry in New Jersey then after moved to the metropolitan area. Parada’s father supported his family by baking Salvadorean bread from his apartment starting a small home bakery business in which, Parada worked in since he was in his early teens baking and selling Salvadorean sweet bread in Maryland, Washington D.C. and Virginia. 


Parada attended multiple schools in the northeastern districts in his childhood because his family would move a lot. He graduated from High school in Philadelphia, New York from Indian River Central High School. Graduated from Brookdale Community College and went to Rutgers University for a Political Science degree. 


Parada has held several jobs as a waiter, mall security, church custodian and baker during his younger years. He was the first to serve in the military in the U.S. Army as an armored tank crew member from his immediate family which has grown into a military family now with four U.S. Marines from his younger brother David brother and 3 nephews Eddie, Isaac and Yoel.  


Glenn Parada was a child in San Salvador, El Salvador early 1980's, during the civil war in his family's home. 


Glenn Parada in his U.S. Army in tanker uniform in Germany early 2000's. 

Parada enlisted in the United States Army reserves under a split op program leaving to boot camp in the summer after his High School junior grade (11th). He enlisted as a 43E MOS Army Parachute Rigger and was shipped out to Fort Jackson, South Carolina. After graduating from High School in upstate New York he went on active-duty orders as a 19k MOS M1 Armor crewman and sent to Fort Knox for OSUT training. 

During serving in Fort Knox the terrorist attacks of September11, 2001, happened. Officially the Global War on Terrorism began October 7th, 2001, with Operation Enduring Freedom. He served overseas in Hohenfels, Germany as OPFOR in Delta Company 1st Battalion (OPFOR), 4th Infantry Regiment. Parada was Honorably discharged from the Army and, later in late 2019 submitted his package to reenlist in the New Jersey OCS program for the Army National Guard to become an officer. Yet, due to COVID-19 epidemic and unforeseen hardships he didn’t continue with his reenlistment. 


Mortgage Industry Subprime 


After his military service his brother Jose introduced him to the mortgage industry during the height of the Sub Prime era in 2004. Working out of a company in Rockville, MD called Empire Financial; he worked with his brother learning the ins and outs of the industry. Working his way from being a newbie to managing the pricing and mortgage structuring of the companies’ loan officers. In 2009 the market crashed, and the Subprime mortgage crisis caught up with Parada. At this point he couldn’t afford his expensive condominium anymore and he was forced to downside to a small apartment. At one-point Parada had to give back his Cadillac to get a used red ford truck where he lived out of for a while. He would sleep in his truck and then go in the office early enough to wash up and change before anyone would get in the office . 

Once he was layoff from his Mortgage position, he worked odd jobs and was maintaining a lower steady income outside from the mortgage industry. During this time, he met his future wife that worked in the same building where he worked before. He was just recently remarried and lost everything financially he had built up and was forced to restart from zero. 

He decided to move with his wife, daughter and newborn boy from Maryland to New Jersey to start all over again. He considered New Jersey the state where the roots of his family’s American dream were and all his childhood memories. He hoped to regain the mindset to rebuild with a fresh start because of his attachment to New Jersey. 

New York City Great Recession aftermath 


In 2010 Parada went to New York City to begin a career as a stockbroker at John Thomas Financial on Wall Street. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out due to the current market’s situation at the time but luckily for him because, John Thomas Financial was shut down by the Securities and Exchange commissions for Fraud. He then got a job at Bank of America in Times Square on the Ave of the Americas as a Mortgage pre-underwriter. Again, the current mortgage industry was falling apart and his position there didn’t last long. 


It was during this time that Glenn Parada found himself without a place to call home and without a job. He went on desperate mode and started looking for work all over Times Square. He would walk up and down Times Square applying at all types f positions in stores, restaurants and anything in sales. He had his wife in New Jersey staying with a relative with a toddler and a newborn waiting on him every night to come back from New York City. 


Broke with only his suits to wear and with his want to succeed and family motivated him to constantly walk up and down to Central Park and all-over Mid-town Manhattan looking for work. On the way he became friends with the street vendors, the ticket sellers and restaurant workers. They would call him “Wallstreet” because he shared his story with them. At times street vendors would give him food and sodas for free because they respected what he was doing. He became friends with an Egyptian food vendor and decided to try to sell comedy tickets to make some fast cash. This is when he would find out the sad reality of many of the street vendors getting to know them personally. 


Mortgage Comeback in New Jersey 


Parada decided to sign a lease on an apartment in Freehold, New Jersey without having a job or money. He out on his best suit and went around town introducing himself and transitioned himself in the restaurant industry. Within a few months Parada got hire to manage a team of new sales associates that want to become loan officers in a mortgage company based out of Parsippany, NJ. Without knowing the new mortgage material or having any experience in mortgage training hew grew a team of 4 people to 60 plus licensed loan officers in 6 months. He got promoted to Vice President of Corporate Training in less than a year. He parted way with the company due to disagreements. 


Parada went on to work for other mortgage companies looking for opportunities to rebuild what he did before but found out that people didn’t share his vision. After many upsets, hardships and hard stop separations from mortgage companies. He decided to start planning to put a mortgage company together with everything he has learned and, doing the opposite of what all the other mortgage companies did that he didn’t like. 



Glenn Parada in Financial District New York, New York on WallStreet early 2010s. 


Glenn Parada in Manalapan, New Jersey early 2010s. 

Glenn Parada in Hoboken, NJ mid 2015s during the height of his mortgage business in NJ 

Parada Mortgage 


In 2016 Parada created Parada Mortgage LLC in New Jersey, although he was still working for other companies, he tried to work as Parada Mortgage under the DBA of mortgage companies. He went from focusing on hiring new college students to become loan officers to hiring veterans. In the meantime, he suffered financial setbacks and business failures but, he used to take these problems as learning experiences. This helped him cultivate his mortgage skills and sharpen his leadership and management. 


In the first quarter of 2019 Parada decide to go independent with Parada Mortgage LLC. Parada decided to move to Florida to build up the launch of the mortgage company and for tax purposes. In 2020 he dissolved Parada Mortgage LLC in New Jersey and moved the company to Florida. He opened the Parada Mortgage headquarters on the island of Palm Beach, Florida on South Ocean Boulevard which is called “Billionaires Highway” 5 minutes down the road from Mar-a-largo. Within months Parada Mortgage was featured on Forbes as the first Hispanic and Veteran owned mortgage company on the island of Palm Beach. 


Glenn Parada posing for a picture at a NAHREP South Florida in Miami,Florida. (2020) 



Growing up in the Metropolitan area he was very involved with politics from a very young age listening to Rush Limbaugh radio and watching conservative news. It wasn’t till the Presidential Campaign of President Trump in 2016 that he got involved. He was involved as a Neighborhood team leader in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania working for district votes for Trump. In 2017 he volunteered in the Hispanic Coalition team for Kim Guadagno and Carlos Rendo Governor Race for New Jersey. In 2018, Parada went from a Campaign Manager for Brian Goldberg to volunteering for the Bob Hugin veteran coalition Federal Senate Race in New Jersey.


In late 2019 Parada became Political Director for the National Associations of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP) for the Miami Chapter, he served on the board for 2020 and 2021. In January 2020 Parada was appointment by the Florida Chairman of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly to serve as the Political Director for the State of Florida, in which he is currently serving. In February of 2022 Parada was elected official for the Republican Party of Palm Beach as a Republican Committeeman for the Districts of CD18, SD25, HD85, CC6 and SB6 in Palm Beach County, Florida.


In December of 2021 Parada created a new Political Party in El Salvador called Estamos Unidos por la Patria. (E.U.P.) He is currently the President of the Party


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Glenn Parada meeting Donald Trump Jr and Kimberly Guilfoyle at the American Freedom Tour. (2022) 

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Glenn Parada's official President of E.U.P. picture. 2022


Parada is married and father of 6. He considers himself as an Evangelical Christian; he was raised by his father a Pentecostal Minister. Parada speaks conversational German from what he learned while he lived in Germany during being stationed there while serving in the U.S. Army.